Happy October

How quickly this year has flown by. I feel like just yesterday I was celebrating the new year and yet that feels like a whole lifetime ago. This year has been a series of deaths and rebirths, a revisiting of my old selves before letting them go again. This cycle becomes more apparent in theContinue reading “Happy October”

Happy Mabon

The Fall Equinox this year lands tomorrow, 9/22. For the past week I have already been feeling the energy shifts in the air. As it is in Wisconsin the night times are beginning to grow colder and the plants around the house are beginning to whither away. Mabon is traditionally known as the time ofContinue reading “Happy Mabon”

Living with Intention

Tis the season for setting resolutions, or the more modern term: intentions. In theory I like intention setting. I even went out and bought a planner just for intentions and spiritual work. As always, buying the helping hands is the easy part. But once I sat down to write out what I wanted to focusContinue reading “Living with Intention”

Rest and Reset

My friend asked me about good restorative poses to do after her hikes. As a big lover of restorative and yin practices I was excited to help her out. I will admit I have not been hiking in a long time. Living in the city with no car I don’t get out to the wildernessContinue reading “Rest and Reset”


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