Tarot Readings

Tarot is a wonderful tool to view into the current energies around an issue and finding a path through. We all have those times we feel stuck in our life. Whether it be career, love, or just general life stuckness: the tarot can illuminate our blocks and guide us in moving through them. The tarot cannot predict the future as it is ever changing but it can give us a map for the road we are currently on. With this we can make personal decisions to move forward with clearer understanding.

I offer both in person and virtual readings. Book a reading for both specific questions or general overviews. Smaller 30 minute readings include 1 full spread and 1-2 bonus advise cards. Larger 60 minute readings include 1-2 full spreads and 3-4 bonus advise cards. Please see prices below. Please contact us with desired reading in the subject line for additional information.

Disclaimer: Please note tarot readings are not a replacement for health advise. Please always consult a health professional for any physical or mental health issues. Please note as humans possess free will the tarot does not guarantee outcomes. This is a tool for clarity, not prediction.

60 minute general life reading$60
60 minute love reading$60
60 minute career reading$60
30 minute general life reading$35
30 minute specific question reading$35