Yoga Sessions

Class Styles

Sun Yoga

This is an invigorating practice focusing on stamina and mobility. Playing with our masculine energy, this practice gives us an opportunity to explore our strength and drive. Here we get funky with our animal energy and test challenging sequencing with hard rock vibes.

Moon Yoga

Get in touch with your moon energy with this lo-fi flow. Prepare for slower transitions and longer holds between postures as we glide around the mat. With a focus on our feminine energy, this practice offers an opportunity to play, dance, and feel into ourselves.


We all were a beginner sometime and in many ways we will always will be beginners. Here we’ll learn different postures and transitioning in a chill atmosphere. The focus is on exploring each posture with curiosity as we move through simple flows, ending with a good wind down and savasana.

Private Yoga Session

Not ready for a group class or looking to work on specific issues? Contact us below about private sessions available. Here we build classes to work towards your own specific goals, whether it be building mobility, improving range of motion, or reducing stress.